Creating a submission

  • Quickstart

    The goal of this guide is to get you started developing submissions for the competition as quickly as possible. This section will detail the necessary steps to create your first submission.

  • Starter kit contents

    The Starter Kits have all you need to compete in the Multimodal Single-Cell Data Integration Challenge. The following sections will use the Python starter kit for the Modality Prediction task. After unzipping the starter kit, the working directory will contain the following files.

  • Development process

    The typical workflow for developing a new method and submitting the results to the EvalAI repository is described below. Editing the script and config file Implement your method in (or script.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are a list of common questions and answers related to the competition What if I only want to compete for one of the prizes in a task? As described in the Tasks documentation, each task has up to five prizes.

  • Terms and conditions

    Terms and Conditions Welcome to the NeurIPS 2021 Multimodal Single-Cell Data Integration challenge (“Challenge”). These are the Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) of the Challenge. The Challenge is organized by the individuals listed in the organizers of the competition webpage at https://openproblems.