About the tasks

The competition will focus on three tasks. Click on each header to learn more.

  • Task 1: Modality Prediction

    Predicting the flow of information from DNA to RNA and RNA to Protein Experimental techniques to measure multiple modalities within the same single cell are increasingly becoming available. The demand for these measurements is driven by the promise to provide a deeper insight into the state of a cell.

  • Task 2: Modality Matching

    Matching profiles of each cell from different modalities. While joint profiling of two modalities in the same single cell is now possible, most single-cell datasets that exist measure only a single modality.

  • Task 3: Joint Embedding

    Learn a joint embedding from multiple modalities The functioning of organs, tissues, and whole organisms is determined by the interplay of cells. Cells are characterised into broad types, which in turn can take on different states.