About the Competition

  • About the Competition

    This is an official challenge in the NeurIPS 2021 Competition Track. The competition is hosted by Open Problems in Single-Cell Analysis with sponsorship from CZI and Cellarity. We are hosting the competition on EvalAI, which is where competitors will submit code and can view a public leaderboard.

  • Getting started

    Get started To get started: Read about the competition, about the tasks and the submission quickstart on our competition website View the starter kit contents Explore the data and prototype methods for free on Saturn Cloud (Optional) Implement your method and generate a submission!

  • Key dates

    The following dates describe the different milestones for the competition. Sep 15 - Competition Kickoff: Release starter kits and first batch of training & validation data Sep 22 - Nov 15 - Phase 1: Open Leaderboard and release second batch of training & validation data

  • Free compute on Saturn Cloud

    To make this competition more accessible, we teamed up with Saturn Cloud to provide up to 100 hours of free compute per month to competition participants. Saturn Cloud hosts Jupyter servers that run behind the scenes on AWS.

  • Discord

    If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out on the Open Problems Discord Server. You can find channels for the competition in the category “NeurIPS 2021 Competition”.