Information about the OpenProblems website.


An overview of the project, its purpose, and objectives.

Benchmark results

The results of the benchmarking experiments for each of the OpenProblems tasks. Each task page follows the same structure.

  • Task description: A statement of need and the objectives of the task.

  • Summary figure: A funkyheatmap visualisation of the performance of methods across the different datasets and metrics.

  • Results table: A detailed view of the results obtained for each method on each dataset for each metric. Filters allow custom exploration of the results.

  • Metadata information: Contains essential metadata about the components used in the benchmarking experiments, including datasets, methods, control methods, and metrics.

  • Quality control checks: Helps to flag potential issues by performing various quality checks on the benchmarking results and components.

  • Raw result JSON files: Provides access to the raw JSON files containing the complete benchmarking results for further analysis or processing.


Information about ongoing and past competitions, hackathons, courses.


The team members involved in the project and their respective roles.


Comprehensive documentation for OpenProblems, including information on how to download and analyse the benchmarking results, how to contribute new components, and how to create new tasks.

Technology stack

  • GitHub Actions: This project uses GitHub Actions for rendering and deploying the main website as well as pull request previews.

  • Quarto: Quarto is a powerful and flexible static page generator used for rendering this website.

  • Netlify: This website is hosted on Netlify.