Git Branch Naming Convention

Information about branch naming convetion in Openproblems repository and forks.
git branch <category/reference/description-in-kebab-case>


A git branch should start with a category. Pick one of these: feature, bugfix, hotfix, or test.

  • feature is for adding, refactoring or removing a feature
  • bugfix is for fixing a bug
  • hotfix is for changing code with a temporary solution and/or without following the usual process (usually because of an emergency)
  • test is for experimenting outside of an issue/ticket
  • doc is for adding, changing or removing documentation


After the category, there should be a “/” followed by the reference of the issue/ticket/task you are working on. If there’s no reference, just add no-ref. With task it is meant as benchmarking task e.g. batch_integration


After the reference, there should be another “/” followed by a description which sums up the purpose of this specific branch. This description should be short and “kebab-cased”.

By default, you can use the title of the issue/ticket you are working on. Just replace any special character by “-”.


  • You need to add, refactor or remove a feature: git branch feature/issue-42/create-new-button-component
  • You need to fix a bug: git branch bugfix/issue-342/button-overlap-form-on-mobile
  • You need to fix a bug really fast (possibly with a temporary solution): git branch hotfix/no-ref/registration-form-not-working
  • You need to experiment outside of an issue/ticket: git branch test/no-ref/refactor-components-with-atomic-design