Welcome to the OpenProblems documentation!

OpenProblems is a library for machine learning scientists, computational biologists, and single-cell data analysts to benchmark and compare single-cell omics methods on a variety of tasks. We believe that improving reproducibility and transparency in research will accelerate progress in single-cell omics.

This documentation provides an overview of the library and how to contribute to it. It is organized into several sections, including:

We encourage everyone who uses OpenProblems to contribute to the library in any way they can. This can include submitting a pull request to improve the documentation, answering queries on the issue tracker, investigating bugs, reviewing other developers’ pull requests, or simply reporting issues and giving a “thumbs up” to relevant issues.

One simple but important way to contribute is to spread the word about the library by referencing it from your blog and articles, linking to it from your website, or starring it on GitHub to show that you use it. This not only helps us gain more visibility but also encourages others to try out the library and contribute to it.

To get started with contributing to the library, please see the “Contribute” section which provides information on the requirements, getting started, adding datasets, methods, and metrics, and running benchmarks. We also provide a detailed guide on how to create a new task in the “Create a new task” section.

Finally, we want to emphasize that OpenProblems is an inclusive community and we expect all members to adhere to our code of conduct. We hope that this documentation helps you get started with OpenProblems and we look forward to your contributions.