Pancreas (inDrop)

Human pancreatic islet scRNA-seq data from 6 datasets across technologies (CEL-seq, CEL-seq2, Smart-seq2, inDrop, Fluidigm C1, and SMARTER-seq). Here we just use the inDrop1 batch, which includes1937 cells × 15502 genes.
Raw Scaled
RankNameMean scoreMean-squared errorMean-squared errorPoisson lossPoisson lossMemory (GB)Runtime (min)CPU (%)PaperYearLibrary
1MAGIC (reversed normalization)0.610.
2MAGIC (approximate, reversed normalization)0.610.
3ALRA (sqrt norm)0.480.31-
4MAGIC (approximate)0.420.
7KNN smoothing0.
8ALRA (log norm)-0.130.33-0.090.30-0.173.702.20101.002018v1.0.0
9Iterative KNN smoothing-