Batch integration graph card thumbnail
Batch integration graph

Removing batch effects while preserving biological variation (graph output)

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Denoising card thumbnail

Denoising UMI counts by Molecular Cross Validation

See Denoising results
Dimensionality reduction for visualisation card thumbnail
Dimensionality reduction for visualisation

Reduction of high-dimensional datasets to 2D for visualization & interpretation

See Dimensionality reduction for visualisation results
Label Projection card thumbnail
Label Projection

Classification of cell types from an annotated reference

See Label Projection results
Multimodal Data Integration card thumbnail
Multimodal Data Integration

Alignment of single-cell data from two different modalities

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Regulatory effect prediction card thumbnail
Regulatory effect prediction

Prediction of gene expression from chromatin accessibility

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Spatial Decomposition card thumbnail
Spatial Decomposition

Decompose spatial gene expression data by cell type from single cell reference

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